Videos tell stories and capture moods.
They help explain complex concepts in a straight-forward manner. And, at their best, they sharply communicate messages in a way that the written word or still photos simply cannot.

Toro Town Storyworks shoots and edits a variety of video genres:


• Voxpops

• Product presentations

• Editorial videos

• Advertisements

• Motion graphics

• Mood pieces



Here, you will find six examples of quite different videos,
all produced by Toro Town Storyworks.


– the Bikotheque

In the town of Elsinore, citizens can borrow specialty bikes for free. Electric bikes, foldable bikes and cargo bikes.

This allows people to figure out exactly which bike is right for them – and which bike is so appealing that they might leave the car at home or improve the amount of exercise. 


The Artbeat Award: Motion graphics

Made for the presentation of nominees at the Artbeat Award 2018 – a Danish award show celebrating the best communicators within arts & culture.


Copenhagen Coffee Festival

Capturing the moods and the wide range of fun activities that made up a particularly tasty festival in the Danish capital.


Morten's espresso

From the grinding of the beans to the elegant pouring of the milk.

Watch a cappuccino being made from start to finish. 


Gerlev Play Park: Movement day care center

The internationally renowned play park teaches and then certifies day care centers that want to stimulate movement through fun games and activities.

The video is sent out to day care centers to explain the concept of how to become a "movement day care center'. 


Copenhagen Photo Festival: Silent spot

A video ad with no sound that was shown on various screens aboard public transportation in the Danish capital to promote the festival.