Episode 12: Beth Katz, director, Food Insight Group

Toro Town Talks – Beth Katz_sq.png

Beth Katz has dedicated her professional life to doing work that benefits the common good.

With Durham Bowls, she’s an integral part of an innovative initiative to improve school food for Durham Public Schools. With Upstream Works, she’s founded a new and amazing way to support the building of equitable communities. She’s one of the directors of Food Insight Group, whose motto even is “Good Food. Common Good”.

Beth holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition Intervention and Policy from UNC Chapel Hill, and on top of all the amazing work she does in her day-to-day worklife, she’s also a board member at the Durham Co-op Market.

It can’t exactly be taken for granted that people want to dedicate their lives to the common good. So the first question for Beth is this: What is it about working for the common good that’s just so appealing?

Illustration: Edson Tako