Episode 1: Tatiana Birgisson, CEO & founder of Mati Energy

Toro Town Talks – Tatiana Birgisson_sq.png

Tatiana Birgisson is the creator of Mati Energy, the sparkling tea drink that you may have read about in Forbes Magazine or bought at Whole Foods.

In our conversation, we take a step further in exploring the well-known story of Tatiana founding Mati while suffering from depression. It might seem like a case of “something good coming out of something bad”, but, as Tatiana explains, there’s more to it than that.

She also talks about how running a business is a little like being back in school, what it means for your business when you’re named one of Forbes' Under 30, and, not least, what to do in an interview with a prospective employee that is both dishonest and unprepared.

Tatiana Birgisson is part of American Underground in Durham, North Carolina, also known as the start-up capital of the South. This episode of Toro Town Talks was recorded at American Underground, and it’s the very first one in a series on the wide range of talents and businesses that occupy this unique community in downtown Durham.