Episode 6: Gabriel Eng-Goetz, founder and creative director, Runaway (Part 2)

Toro Town Talks – Gabriel Eng-Goetz_sq.png

The second part of the interview with Gabriel Eng-Goetz, the founder of Runaway.

In this part, you can hear Gabe share fun stories about getting a visit from Chris Rock in the flagship Runaway store, about a design of Gabe's that simply turned out to be a dud – as well as what he would think of someone wearing a Runaway shirt and a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Gabriel Eng-Goetz is part of American Underground in Durham, North Carolina, also known as the start-up capital of the South. This episode of Toro Town Talks was recorded at American Underground, and it’s part of a series on the wide range of talents and businesses that occupy this unique community in downtown Durham.