Episode 5: Gabriel Eng-Goetz, founder & creative director, Runaway (Part 1)

Toro Town Talks – Gabriel Eng-Goetz_sq.png

Gabriel Eng-Goetz is the founder of Runaway, the coolest and most visible local brand of apparel in Durham. His iconic design featuring a bull and the letters D-U-R-M almost seem like an unofficial logo for the city. Runaway is much more than apparel and its flagship store on Main Street, however. It’s a lifestyle brand that also embodies art exhibitions, concerts and filmmaking.

In the first of this two-part interview, Gabe tells the story behind his iconic design, which he was actually not fully sold on to begin with. He also shares a story of a woman going to great lengths to illegally reproduce this very design

Additionally, he gives an insight into his overall creative process – which, in his own words, is about looking at life and death from the point of hilarity.