One of the best things about Toro Town Storyworks is that you're free to combine all the different services offered into one solution.

If you're looking for any combination of writer, photographervideo producer, workshop conductor and consultant, Toro Town Storyworks can most likely help you out – with no need to look anywhere else. And of course with a considerable amount of money to be saved.



You are completely free to put together
your own package deal based on your specific needs
– but here are some examples to inspire you:



Social media content

You run a business, and you want it to have a strong social media presence. So you think ahead – a month at a time, for instance – and make sure that you have a good selection of high-quality content to publish.

Examples of ready-to-publish social media content that could be produced:

  • Photos of your business, your employees and your customers
  • Short videos that introduce the world to fun aspects of what you do
  • Mini-interviews (e.g. a portrait accompanied by 3 questions and answers or a short video)
  • Entertaining recurring features
  • Facts about your business presented as fun facts

In practical terms, a month's worth of content would typically only require an afternoon or two of your time to produce, and Toro Town Storyworks would deliver it all to you shortly after. This type of package is easy to set up as a monthly recurring deal.



Press kit

Whenever you have something new and exciting that you want to communicate to the press – be it a project, a business venture, an event, a product or impressive numbers – the best thing to have at hand is a solid press kit.

A good press kit will typically include:

  • Press release, a short biography or an equivalent introductory text
  • Portraits of key people and/or product shots
  • Presentational video

This will ensure that you are able to distribute your news in the easiest and most consistent manner possible. If you already have a well-written story and professional photo and video content ready for journalists, your chances of them giving your story coverage increase manifold.

Such a kit does not simply help you serve the press. It will also come in handy when communicating your story to your business partners, customers, website visitors and social media followers.




Toro Town Storyworks can build you a website that ensures you a powerful online presence.

You will get a unique all-in-one solution that does not simply include the building of the site itself, but (if needed) all of the following:

  • Writing and editing of content
  • Photos of your work, staff, products etc.
  • Shooting and editing of videos
  • Graphic design of visual elements
  • Setting up an online store

Read more about the benefits of hiring Toro Town Storyworks to build your website right here.



Event coverage

Whether you are putting on a business conference or a rock concert, Toro Town Storyworks can produce the content that will effectively sustain the impact of the event – long after it is technically over.

Examples of content: 

  • Written summary or review of the event
  • Photographic documentation
  • Highlight reel
  • Voxpops with attendees
  • Press release with main takeaways

Such content will make sure that the impact and outcome of the event can be communicated effectively to the event's participants, stakeholders, the press and potentially the public at large.